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WP7: Policy & Changemaking Tools

  • Analysis of existing knowledge base on governance innovation organised in terms of a division of labour and a horizontal learning process.

  • Extensive fieldwork with interviews and surveys

  • Identification and comparison of the main drivers conditioning trajectories of governance innovation and institutional change as well as the principal practical lessons that emerge from previous experience.

  • Assessing the contribution of participatory and collaborative governance models to achieving economic, social, political and spatial justice



Preliminary Policy Brief to the European Commission




Policy Brief 1
Policy Brief 2

The Co-Cities Index

Luiss LabGov.City has developed, through the Co-Cities research work conducted over the past 6 years, the first index capable of measuring how cities are implementing the "right to the co-city" through co-governance models (Foster, Iaione, 2019).


The Co-Cities Index, therefore, represents a fundamental tool for the international community to measure the implementation of the objectives set by the New Urban Agenda of the United Nations.

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