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WP7: Policy & Changemaking Tools

  • Analysis of existing knowledge base on governance innovation organised in terms of a division of labour and a horizontal learning process.

  • Extensive fieldwork with interviews and surveys

  • Identification and comparison of the main drivers conditioning trajectories of governance innovation and institutional change as well as the principal practical lessons that emerge from previous experience.

  • Assessing the contribution of participatory and collaborative governance models to achieving economic, social, political and spatial justice

Division of Work and Interconnections

The WP7 scope: Consolidate the overall analytical insights gained from the preceding research work into:
1. concrete policy recommendations for local action but also at other levels of government and governance in the EU and
2. Tools that can guide civil society driven action and learning processes that target greater awareness of the 'political'.

• Adapt the policy considerations and change-making tools to the diversity of local environments, providing at the same time clear messages on how to deliver better policies promoting democratic involvement of citizens and social justice

We will identify new policy impact criteria starting from the project work carried on in WPs 3 and 6. We will elaborate change making tools in conjunction with WP4 to complement the practice-oriented toolbox.


D7.1 Toolbox for Case Studies (Month 12)

D7.2 Policy Seminar (Month 18)
D7.3 Policy Brief 1(Months 24)
D7.4 Policy Seminar (Month 30)
D7.5 Policy Brief 2 (Month 30)
D7.6 Change-making Tools (Month 36)
D7.7 Policy Brief 3 (Month 40)
D7.8 Policy Conference (Month 40)


The Co-Cities Index

Luiss LabGov.City has developed, through the Co-Cities research work conducted over the past 6 years, the first index capable of measuring how cities are implementing the "right to the co-city" through co-governance models (Foster, Iaione, 2019).


The Co-Cities Index, therefore, represents a fundamental tool for the international community to measure the implementation of the objectives set by the New Urban Agenda of the United Nations.

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