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WP6: Knowledge Exchange

WP6 goal:

The overall objective of WP6 is to create a framework for knowledge exchange by synthesizing learning outcomes from the different research strands in WP3, 4 and 5 and to ensure the continuous implementation of external communication and dissemination of the project’s results

  • Providing wider dissemination and knowledge-exchange outputs throughout entire project (WP 6, 7)

  • Linking project results to the theoretical and policy-oriented state of the art (WP 1)

  • Elaborating practicable and evidence-based tools for developing participatory and deliberative governance initiatives Europe-wide (WP 4)

  • Complementary change-making tools targeted at increasing public awareness and motivating greater local participation in experimental democracy initiatives (WP 7)

  • Elaborating policies that impact positively on participation and identification with democratic processes and values, social and territorial cohesion at various levels of governance (WP 7)

  • Maximising overall scientific, educational and wider societal significance of EUARENAS through validation (WP 8)

Division of Work and Interconnections

Lead: UEF

Co-lead: LUISS

Supported by all other partners in the Consortium through:

  • contribution to knowledge exchange activities, particularly WP3,4,5

  • carrying out communication and dissemination activities within and across WP activities based on the Dissemination Plan to be developed by WP6.


Website & Intranet, printed materials

  • Set up as key dissemination portal, establishes project's public image and publicise its activities, EUARENAS Knowledge Hub including tools and methodologies

  • Printed info material to publicise EUARENAS


Data Management Plan

  • Principles for sharing of research data, data  storage, etc.


Design and delivery of dissemination

  • Dissemination and exploitation plan, to prioritise, schedule and coordinate important dissemination activities


Design and delivery of internal knowledge exchange

  • Design of knowledge process

  • 3 knowledge exchange workshops, extracting learning from knowledge exchange process provision of framing and core components of a toolkit for citizen engagement in political processes

  • Key Learnings Report, synthesising results from 3 knowledge exchange workshops, merging these into learnings and contextual points for further exploration

Preparation of material for synthesizing knowledge exchange/disseminating the project’s results

  • Case Studies Videos on participatory approaches for enhancing citizen participation in democratic processes

  • Knowledge Exchange Process Guide that indicates how learning processes can be generated in order to facilitate citizen engagement in political processes

  • Citizen Participation Toolkit, containing ‘how-to’ guides and resources for engaging citizens (particularly those most alienated and marginalized) in political processes

  • Working Paper Series 1, 2 & 3

  • Co-ordination of publication activities, special issues, books.

  • 5 Newsletters


Project Conferences

  • Three conferences will be organized to disseminate results and gain additional comments of the scientific community and relevant stakeholders


Knowledge Exchange

  • Design and deliver an effective knowledge exchange process for the project

  • Synthesize core learning from the project into tangible outputs

  • Engage stakeholders in peer reviewing and contributing to the project’s learnings/outputs

  • Establishing a Community of Practice between academics and practitioners


  • opening the results of EUARENAS for discussion in a wider context, including stakeholder and research communities

  • to further contribute to the development of a research strategy and future research demand by exchanging research progress

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