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WP5: Foresight


​​This work package aims to use a mixed method approach to foresight to investigate and hypothesize over future trends and scenarios in participatory democracies.

  1. Use hybrid methodological approach to foresight research in order to investigate and hypothesis about future trends in democratic processes.

  2. Develop practical methodological guides on approaches to conducting foresight research in order to project future social scenarios.

  3. Create both a conceptual synthesis of the learning from the foresight research and visions of future that present more equitable and inclusive democratic scenarios that will inform wider project findings.




D5.2 Lived Experience Foresight Guide - A practical methodological guide to using citizen’s lived experience as signals for future trends



Download the EUARENAS City of the Future graphic (for web view)

Download the EUARENAS City of the Future audio description

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