WP5: Foresight 

WP5 goal:

This work package aims to use a mixed method approach to foresight to investigate and hypothesize over future trends and scenarios in participatory democracies.

  1. Use hybrid methodological approach to foresight research in order to investigate and hypothesis about future trends in democratic processes.

  2. Develop practical methodological guides on approaches to conducting foresight research in order to project future social scenarios.

  3. Create both a conceptual synthesis of the learning from the foresight research and visions of future that present more equitable and inclusive democratic scenarios that will inform wider project findings.


WP5 will adopt three approaches to foresight that will be combined to produce future scenario-scapes on deliberative and participatory democracies.

  1. Media discourse analysis: Layered investigation of signals and trends in local, national and pan-European press and broadcast media.

  2. Community Reporting: Peer-to-peer gathering of lived experience stories from citizens about participation in democratic processes and collective sense-making activities.

  3. Social Media Signal exploration: Systematic collation and curation of social media data on democratic actions and movements.

Division of Work and Interconnections

This work package is one of the three core research strands (alongside WP3 and WP4) and contributes to the experimental research design of this project.

Learnings from this work package will feed in to the knowledge exchange process in WP6 and in the policy work in WP7.


The tangible outputs and guides from this work package will provide dissemination and exploitation materials for both WP7 and WP8. The methodological design and ethical approach of this WP5, will contribute to and be fed by WP2 and WP10.

  1. D 5.1 / Using Media Discourse for Foresight Guide - A practical methodological guide for how to use media discourse as signals for future trends. (Month 7)

  2. D 5.2 / Using Lived Experience for Foresight Guide - A practical methodological guide to using citizen’s lived experience as signals for future trends. (Month 15)

  3. D 5.3 / Using Social Media for Foresight Guide - A practical methodological guide to using social media posts as signals for future trends. (Month 21)

  4. D 5.4 / Future Scenarios Report - A report combining the data analysis from the work package to produce future scenarios in the field of deliberative and participatory democracies. (Month 30)

  • Developing future scenarios of participatory and deliberative democracy that are born out of contemporary stimuli and signals across traditional media, social media and citizen discourses.

  • Focus on addressing potential future challenges and responses to democratic governance through a structure that provides people a space to think about the future and use this to model and respond to potential prospective circumstances.

  • Involving various stakeholders and perspectives (i.e. citizens, academics, policymakers, service deliverers, local government representatives etc.) in participatory and experimental research processes in equitable and meaningful ways.