WP2: Methods & Ethics 

WP2 goal: define an ethics-based, bias free methodology for the whole project.

In particular, the methodology will define:

  • the right to privacy,

  • the right to the protection of personal data,

  • the right to the physical and mental integrity of a person,

  • the right to non-discrimination

In addition, the methodology needs to ensure diversity and inclusiveness in terms of gender, culture, language, income.


The WP2 scope: together with WP1 (State of Debate & Conceptual Development), it will provide a general methodological/empirical framework for the other WPs and for the fieldwork development.

The WP2 leader: Luiss and SWFS University will supervise the analysis from a methodological perspective.

The other participants:
• will have the possibility to interact with the leaders in the definition of the methodological
• will need to follow the guidelines.

Discussing with the participants the ethical issues.

Division of Work and Interconnections

Elaboration, implementation of research questions and methods (WPs 1, 2)

  • guide case studies and other substantive elements of the project. On the basis of mapping and stock-taking exercises different work packages start in-depth empirical work, in parallel, but as interrelated processes).

  1. Methodological framework for the empirical and on field analysis (Month 6).

  2. Methodological protocol EUARMP (Month 12)

  3. Template for the analysis and reporting of the information (Month 36)


From the Co-city cycle to the Ethical & Deliberative Co-Governance

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