WP1: State of the Debate

WP1 goals:
  1. Ensure all partners have similar understanding of the main concepts used in the project

  2. Provide partners with understanding of the multiple connotations and meanings that connect ideas of liberal democracy and theories of representation, public policy, participation and deliberation

  3. Locating EUARENAS’ approach in well-defined theoretical orientation among broader discussions within the democratic theory

  4. Inform other packages through cooperation in preparing theoretical background for methodology and ethics of the empirical study and piloting


Stock-taking and mapping

  • Assessing the state of debate regarding populist challenges to democratic government and national and European public spheres as well as local initiatives targeted at countering populism

  • Assessing the state of debate regarding inclusion and more effective forms of participation and reflecting community interests

Division of Work and Interconnections

Elaboration, implementation of research questions and methods (WPs 1, 2)

  • guide case studies and other substantive elements of the project. On the basis of mapping and stock-taking exercises different work packages start in-depth empirical work, in parallel, but as interrelated processes).

  1. Conceptual & Theoretical Framework – month 6

  2. State of Democracy Debate Chapter – month 20

  3. Conceptual Framework Update – month 36

  4. Final Report Chapter – month 42

Euarenas WP1.png