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WP3: Proposal of Case Studies

Today, our Work Package 3 leader University of Gdansk presented a revised list of potential case studies in democratic governance at the local level to be investigated under their work package.

The case studies were nominated by the whole consortium, and the final selection was done by UG, under the following criteria:

  • assuring wide and balanced representation of:

    • tools/actions

    • cities/urban arenas

    • regions/welfare regimes

    • historical, cultural, and institutional contexts

  • giving more attention to localities in new EU member states

  • taking into consideration the assessed relevance for the project

  • linking the case studies with the pilots

Work Package 3 aims to investigate recent experiments in democratic governance at the local level in order to address the need for creation of arenas open to citizens which are conducive to collective decisions made through public deliberation.

For more information: WP3: Case Studies


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