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WP1: 1 workshop on "Deliberative participation and policy making in the political context"

Today, March 24th, our partner SWPS University organised their first theoretical-methodological workshop on "Deliberative participation and policy making in the political context".

The workshop invites co-workers from different background to reflect on some basic issues regarding how ‘the political’ is omnipresent in all policy- and community-related practices. This approach, based on a critical assessment of politics on the one hand, and human/social condition on the other, is still far from being broadly accepted by politicians or the public, and is still discussed within the field of social sciences.

However, such a wide and diverse project as EUARENAS, operates on multiple verges where politics invades (or is invited to?) areas which are – in their designed purpose – supposed to deliver a politics-free space for citizens to become a part of a decision-making process. This dictates that our approach – to avoid reproducing the mistake – will take those questions seriously already on the stage of constructing the projects’ conceptual and methodological frameworks, and will engage in a discussion with them throughout its course.


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