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Working Paper Series 2

by University of Eastern Finland

EUARENAS’ second Working Paper Series is out!

Published annually, EUARENAS Working Paper Series represent research in progress on the topics of participation and deliberation. Last year, with the launch of the EUARENAS Community of Practice, our Working Paper Series also received contributions from academics and practitioners outside the project.

Therefore, with this Working Paper Series, we seek to inform about ongoing research and practices, spark discussions and from there, further consolidate conceptual and empirical findings in social sciences, specifically within the fields of participatory and deliberative democracy.

In this paper, you’ll find:

  1. Hungary’s Illiberal Project and the Spectre of European (Dis)integration, by Professor James Scott

  2. Future of Democracy: How to improve the preconditions for inclusive, accessible and horizontal participatory and deliberative practices, by our project researchers and the Community of Practice members

You can read the paper here.


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