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Visions for Voru, Estonia

On January 13th, a Future Scenario Workshop took place in our pilot city of Voru, Estonia.

Bringing together 50 participants - including leaders of development strategy working groups, representatives of key partners, and members of the Council of the Development Centre – the event aimed to update the development strategy of Voru county and ensure its sustainable implementation.

During the workshop, the attendees discussed concrete solutions to implement Voru County's development strategy and identified necessary resources for its successful implementation. Their visions focused on co-creation, inclusion, knowledge sharing, best practices, shared information, heritage, biodiversity, smartness, and education. However, participants also recognised issues such as a lack of specialists, time, and resources, as well as a shortage of working places and low salaries that needed to be addressed.

Some of the vision boards for the future development of Voru, Estonia

To facilitate these discussions, the workshop utilised creative methods and co-creation principles. For instance, participants made vision boards using magazine clippings and handicraft materials, stimulating their creativity and fostering the development strategy as the basis of daily work planning. Playful discussions were also encouraged to break down barriers and distractions between people.


Other scenario workshops at the local level are being organised in Helsink (Finland), Reggio Emilia (Italy), and Gdansk (Poland). A pan-European workshop will be held in Berlin in May 2023, where policy-makers, citizens, academics, practitioners, and the EUarenas Community of Practice will unite to co-envision the future of democracy in Europe. Stay tune!


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