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The Mayor of Reggio Emilia on Participatory Democracy

Our three days project conference has kicked started in Reggio Emilia!

The EUARENAS project consortium was warmly welcomed by Reggio Emilia's mayor Luca Vecchi and the councilor for housing and participation Lanfranco De Franco in the historic Hall of Tricolore.

There are two sides to Reggio Emilia's heritage: one that holds closely its history and strong values, and one with a thrist for new ideas for innovation.

Democracy and public participation in Reggio Emilia traces back to more than 250 years ago - physically evident in the elliptical architecture of the Tricolore Flag Hall of the municipality. The city - and its civil right works - also benefits from a solid financial foundation dominantly of mechanics, food development and health care services.

These backgrounds support and strengthen the city's strong participation practices and beliefs in democtaric values. Participation and people's right has always been a focus point for the city, and this goes across the board. This participation facilitates the dialogues between nationalities and cultures, and between ideas and regions.


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