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Project Workshop in Gdansk

EUARENAS’ fourth project workshop was held between 28th Nov - 1st Dec at the European Solidarity Centre in our pilot city of Gdansk, Poland.

The meeting provided a physical, collaborative space for our consortium to share progress and plan research tasks and deliverables as well as future academic papers. Piloting activities are also in full swing: Voru has successfully concluded their 'Vunki Mano' social hackathon event, Reggio Emilia’s elections for the Consulte are in progress and Gdansk has commenced their participatory district development planning workshop series.

The meeting was joined by the EUARENAS partners, pilot cities, local city council representatives, and vice mayor Monika Chabior, who shared her thoughts:

“It’s very important what you’re talking about here. The city of Gdansk is having four development projects, one of which is dedicated to democracy and democratic programmes. The pilot is one of the processes we are trying to encourage more in the city, and co-governance.”

Equally important as these discussions are actions on the ground. EUARENAS got the chance to attend the first in a series of workshop aiming to identify the urban planning challenges, solutions, and implementation plans for the Gdansk district of Piecki-Migowo.

On the last day of the meeting, our project team also visited Orunia, a formally neglected part of town with significant social challenges that is now a testing ground for innovative social initiatives. Here we acquainted ourselves with the local community centre and urban activist groups working on the provision of assistance to Ukrainian refugees, immigrants, foster children, people with disabilities, etc.

EUARENAS site visit to the Gdansk district of Orunia.

Many thanks to the city of Gdansk for the eventful and impactful events!


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