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Preliminary Policy Brief to the European Commission


The European Commission Preliminary Policy Brief has been developed by the LUISS team to understand how deliberative democracy at the local level can enhance relevant policy issues related to civic life, from participation to urban and socioeconomic development, from diversity inclusion to welfare.

Three Dimensions of Policy-Making

Three key dimensions that describe different requirements that deliberative processes need in order to be recognized as just and efficient have been identified: Diversity, Inclusiveness and Engagement. By engaging in processes that are diverse, inclusive and that manage to engage with the various stakeholders, it is possible to empower all the actors giving them processes and tools to actively engage in resolving their needs and those of the community.

Policy Recommendations

The main findings of this preliminary analysis are that European and National institutions can foster diversity and inclusive initiatives in developing core clauses in their funding programs. These clauses should consider the respect of the requirements throughout the whole initiatives in order to prevent “formal” rather than substantial strategies of inclusion.

Deliberative processes must be legally and administratively recognized at the local level, to facilitate the implementation of the results of such processes in the urban context. Furthermore, cities and municipalities should actively engage in destroying barriers to cooperation and deliberation.

One last remark regards the European level, which is very fragmented when it comes to the regulation of deliberative processes. A homogenisation of the member states’ legal frameworks in relation to local deliberative democracy initiatives should be pursued, to allow for better knowledge sharing across local authorities, nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, this document lays the groundwork for the collaborative development of an advanced Policy Brief that will capture the public policy outcomes of project activities.

You can get the Preliminary Policy Brief here.


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