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Policy Brief: Diversity, Inclusion and Long-term Engagement in Urban Participatory Processes

cover page of the policy brief

EUARENAS Policy Brief, titled 'Managing Diversity, Inclusion and Long-Term Engagement in Urban Participatory Processes,' offers a set of policy recommendations for enhancing democratic processes in urban settings. Drawing lessons from tested innovations, it presents an innovative approach to participatory democracy.

What Does this Policy Brief Contain?

Starting from the lessons learned through the experiences of the EUARENAS pilot cities of Gdansk (Poland), Reggio Emilia (Italy), and Voru (Estonia), the Policy Brief provides three sets of concise and actionable policy recommendations, divided into three pillars: inclusiveness, diversity, and long-term engagement.

Key Insights:

  • True democratic effectiveness goes beyond just gathering diverse groups; it involves actively listening and incorporating their voices.

  • The empowerment of less privileged backgrounds and addressing potential institutional mistrust is deemed crucial for the success of these initiatives.

  • Ensuring a long-term engagement of citizens is the gateway to lasting and effective changes in local policy-making.

Who is This Policy Brief for?

This policy brief is vital for local government officials, city planners, policymakers, community leaders, and activists in European cities, who are dedicated to the improvement of participatory governance and urban policy.

Why Does This Policy Brief Matter?

In a rapidly changing political landscape, addressing inclusiveness, diversity, and long-term engagement is not just a necessity but an opportunity to transform our cities into more democratic, inclusive and vibrant communities. This policy brief is more than a document; it's a roadmap for the future of urban governance.

The brief can be downloaded here.


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