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Open Invitation: EUARENAS Conference on The Radical Side of Participation

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming EUARENAS Conference on The Radical Side of Participation. The event will unfold over two exhilarating days of dialogue, exploration, and discovery on the radical aspects of public participation in local governance, academia, and social innovation. This engaging conference is set to be a unique platform for debate, networking, and brainstorming around one of the most pressing issues of our times: How can we make participation more inclusive, proactive, and radical?

Details At a Glance

  • Venue: Barbara, Świdnicka 8b, Wrocław

  • Date: Thursday, 21st September and Friday, 22nd September 2023

  • Who Can Attend: The event is open to all

Why Should You Attend?

  1. Interdisciplinary Approach: The conference will bring together an impressive lineup of speakers in the fields of policy, social studies, urban development, and more.

  2. Critical Discussions: Topics covered will range from the theoretical implications of radical participation to its practical challenges in modern society.

  3. Networking: Meet professionals and thought leaders in the field and open doors for future collaboration and research.

  4. Interactive Sessions: Engage in meaningful dialogues and workshops designed to stimulate critical thinking and practical solutions.

  5. Inclusiveness: The conference is designed to be accessible and open to all, making for a richer, more diverse dialogue.

Featured Speakers

Our panel of speakers is a balanced blend of expert academics and seasoned practitioners. Some of the key figures include:

  • Maja Zabokrzycka, Foundation "House of Peace"

  • Iza Duchnowska, Action Culture

  • Adela Gąsiorowska, University of Warsaw

  • Anna Cichecka, University of Wrocław

  • Amanda Machin, University of Agder

  • Thomas Wallgren, University of Helsinki

  • Sarah Henderson, People's Voice Media

  • Bokyong Shin, University of Helsinki

  • Borys Martela, Institute of Urban and Regional Development

  • And many more...

How to Attend

The Conference is open to all—no matter your background or area of interest. To attend, simply come to Barbara, Świdnicka 8b, Wrocław, on the specified dates. No prior registration is required, although early arrival is advised as seating is first-come, first-serve.

Don't pass up this opportunity to take part in thought-provoking discussions about reinventing participation. We are excited to have you join us in Wroclaw!

The complete agenda of the conference can be found below:

Wroclaw conf. agenda_15092023
Download PDF • 1.02MB


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