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Kicking off EUARENAS Community of Practice

The EUARENAS Community of Practice has been set up in order to provide a horizontal learning platform on participative and deliberative democracy in urban settings. With a long-term vision to nurture active citizenship, social agendas and political life through citizen participation and democratic innovations in European cities, we seek to bring together academics, practitioners, policy-makers and citizens in a joint learning process.

The Community of Practice was launched last month with a kick-off meeting: more than 30 people from various sectors and European countries met online to get to know each other and to co-create future activities.

Flinga board gauging participants’ interests in EUARENAS’ Community of Practice

The kick-off event has reaffirmed our mission to establish a Community of Practice: the need for knowledge exchange, networking, learning and sharing of data and practices were jointly and explicitly voiced by the 30 participants in the meeting. The recent war in Ukraine has made the topic and discussions on democracy more relevant and crucial than ever.


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