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Gdansk: Kicking off Piecki-Migowo participatory district development planning

An event organised on November 17th marked the beginning of a series of workshops on participatory development planning for the Piecki-Migowo district in Gdańsk.

Photo credit: Dominik Paszliński

The main goal of the first event was to introduce the citizens to the whole idea of the workshop series and inform them about the parties involved. It was divided into two parts: (1) an introduction to the EUarenas project and presentations from different city officials on the role of their departments in the functioning of the district (2) and an open discussion with the citizens to gauge their opinions about the workshop series.

About the district:

Piecki-Migowo is a district located on the upper terrace of Gdańsk. The spatial structure of the district is based on the arrangement of buildings around three main axes: ul. Jaskowa Valley, ul. Rakoczy and ul. Bulońska. In the 1970s and 1980s, a large housing estate was built here - Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa "Morena", from which the name this area is popularly used. Housing 27 527 inhabitants in an area of 4.25 km² (population density 6 477), Piecki-Migowo is the third most populated district in Gdańsk. In recent years, the process of introducing new housings with basic services and investing in tram infrastructure has been significantly accelerated.

The five sub areas of Piecki-Migowo (Credit: Miasto Gdansk)

About the workshop series:

The workshop series “Piecki-Migowo - Together we plan the development of the district!”, organized by the City of Gdańsk in cooperation with the Piecki-Migowa district and the EUarenas project, aims to develop a participatory district development plan with the cooperation of local experts: residents, social activists, representatives of local institutions and companies, as well as councilors and officials from the City of Gdańsk. These workshops are organised as part of the piloting activities of the EUarenas project.

The workshops will take place in the form of dialogues on the socio-spatial future of the district. The final result of the workshops will be a masterplan - a document supporting future district planning.


  • 17.11.2022 Inauguration of the debate on the development of the district

  • 28.11.2022 Planning workshops (I)

  • 19.12.2022 Planning workshops (II)

  • 30.01.2023 Planning workshops (III)

  • 20.02.2023 Presentation of results

From the first meeting, the citizens were happy about the idea of the project and the fact that it was possible for them to share their thoughts. There was also a joint consensus among citizens and city representatives to move ahead with a solution-oriented mindset.

"I think that the idea of creating a masterplan is a good direction. I regret that it wasn't considered before, it could help to avoid many issues of the area such as overusing concrete in public spaces. Hopefully, it's not too late to save the current situation."


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