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Future Scenarios Workshop in Liverpool

On October 19-20th, the EUArenas pilot cities of Gdansk, Voru, and Reggio Emilia, together with colleagues from SWPS University, University of Eastern Finland and Comparative Research Network, attended the Future Scenarios Workshop in Liverpool, England.

The workshop was organised and facilitated by People's Voice Media.

This training marks the start of the final research task under work package on Foresight: developing future scenarios in the field of deliberative and participatory democracies at local

and European levels. During the training, participants tried out different methods on visioning the future, such as serious play, collaging, and photo voice (Picture 1). They have also brainstormed and presented the initial ideas for their Action Plan.

Following this training, the partners and pilot cities will start designing their Action Plan, specifically their local Future Scenarios Workshop, where they will present the current state of play, map out the drivers for change, and envision the future scenarios of participatory and deliberative democracy together with their citizens and policy and decision-makers. A workshop on the European level will also be held in May 2023. Stay tune!


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