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Piloted participatory processes in Europe

Võru, Estonia

Citizen-led ideas for community wellbeing and sustainability


Reggio Emilia, Italy

Citizens as neighbourhood representatives to the local goverment

IMG_20221125_191118 (2).jpg

Piecki-Migowo, Gdansk, Poland

Citizen-led projects for neighbourhood improvment


Võru, Estonia

Citizen-led ideas for improving relationships among different actors in the region


How does the future of democracy look like in our pilot cities?

Citizens' experience with local democracy

Under Work Package 3 (Case Studies) and 5 (Foresight), our researchers have collected citizens' reflections on lived experience of democracy for their analyses of 11 governance innovations across Europe, and for identification of research signals about the future of democracy. The stories are now published in the EUARENAS Database of Citizens' Stories.

Screen capture of the Citizens' Stories Database
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