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EUARENAS Consortium


University of Eastern Finland is a fully-fledged, multidisciplinary university that provides first-class academic learning and research environments.


Eutropian is a planning, policy and research organization helping urban regeneration processes.


Gdansk is the largest city within the Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area. It is an important centre of the economic, scientific, and cultural life, and a frequented tourist location.


People’s Voice Media is a social change charity. The organisation is committed to supporting people to improve their lives and bring about positive social change from the ground up.

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Comparative Research Network (CRN) is a non-governmental network organization founded in 2007 and dedicated at the transfer of scientific and professional knowledge towards citizens and learners and to the civil society in general through the use of innovative participatory and learning tools and methods.


LUISS, a private university top ranked on social sciences, has long experiences in the transdisciplinary and applied research and teaching of law, social economics, governance of urban infrastructures.

Screenshot_2021-01-21 UG – Google Drive.

The Department of Socio-Economic Geography at the University of Gdansk focuses on regional development and regional and urban policy, urban sustainable development, social and economic transformation in post-socialist countries, quality of life, cultural landscapes and the role of cultural heritage in local development. 


Development Centre of Võru County is a representative organization established jointly by Võru County municipalities, whose goal is the comprehensive and systematic development of Võru County and the region by supporting entrepreneurship, private, public and third sector organizations and individuals with various services.


University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS University) is the first private university and highly regarded psychology and social sciences center for research and learning in Poland.

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The Municipality of Reggio Emilia is a middle-sized city with a population of about 170 thousand residents and is located in the Emilia-Romagna Region, in northern Italy. 

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